When to engage I4Supply?

I4Supply supports bigger SMEs and large-scale enterprises with interim management, change management and how to solve complex topics relating to supply chain management and logistics. To achieve effective and efficient results, we look at the topic from various angles.

Supply chain management

The topics for which I4Supply is called in include:

– Optimisation of the sustainability policy
– Promotion of circular economy, for instance maximisation of re-usability of products and raw materials
– Financial optimisation, such as tax and cash flow optimisation
– Improvement of the financial and operational performance
– Optimisation of logistics networks and chains
– Supervising and setting up of horizontal and vertical collaboration in chains
– Specialised in optimisation of trading and supply in commodity markets

Simon Dijkstra, owner and founder of I4Supply successfully achieved results for companies including Penske Logistic Europe, Argos Oil, Argos Energies, Hooijen Logistic Services and IJmond Transport Groep.


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