I4Supply - supply chain managementRoland Pechtold, COO Argos Oil & CEO Argos Terminals: “I’ll come straight to the point, I would hire Simon again without hesitation. The collaboration with him was simply perfect. He is an expert in logistics, he carried out supply chain management for us. Simon is a very agreeable person to work with. He is result-oriented and he is an excellent performer. He needs little guiding to achieve a result. A real specialist who considers trust of paramount importance. I would definitely recommend him to my relations.”

William van Dooren, General Manager IJmond Transport Belgium N.V.: “I have known Simon for about fifteen years now. One of the projects we did together consisted of managing a transport company. He was the boss in the Netherlands, I in Belgium. I only have very good memories of that collaboration. Simon is an honest, down-to-earth man with great professional knowledge. At the same time, he is a very modest person. We always complemented each other well: we were like each other’s chemical opposites, which made the current flow. Simon examined all figures into great detail, whereas I kept a general overview. I can only be very positive about this highly proficient man. Unfortunately I am leaving the transport business soon because of illness. Only good memories remain.”

Meindert Winder, General Manager Winder Limmen: “Simon worked for some time in the logistics department of Winder Logistiek. My experiences with Simon were always very positive. He has an analytical and agile mind. It’s the speed with which Simon switches between ideas that makes him a genius in his work.

I4Supply - consultant supply chain managementJohn Bijl, Commercial Manager Benelux Argos: “Simon started an optimisation process of Argos’ transport activities. This actually resulted in a full study of the supply and value chain, which was conducted throughout the entire company, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Our collaboration was most pleasant, both on the personal and the business level. Simon has the ability to make complex models understandable for everyone in the organization. He helps and supports his staff by sharing his knowledge. On top of that, Simon is a dependable and loyal person.”

Esther Huisman, HRM Manager Argos Oil: “I worked closely with Simon on a number of collective labour agreements and various HRM cases. It was a most agreeable collaboration. Simon is extremely intelligent, I suppose many people must be impressed. Sometimes I suggested him to take a step back and explain one point at a time to others. And at the same time, that’s Simon’s strength: his knowledge and expertise. And his loyalty to companies and individuals. Furthermore, Simon is a very honest person. Other managers might pass the buck to the HRM department for certain issues in bad news interviews, but Simon always sticks to his responsibilities. He is a very straight person.”

Ed Meisner, Regional Manager Penske Logistics Europe: “At Penske Logistic Europe I was Simon’s manager for many years. I have learned to know him as a very passionate person. An enthusiastic fledgling, so to speak. A sort of a headstrong character always in pursuit of his targets. He carried out his assignments down to the last detail, provided that he agreed about its nature. At the same time his own will turns him into a powerful man. He only carries out what he agrees about and has to be convinced that an assignment or project can be successful. This is very special about him.”

I4Supply - interim manager supply chain managementEtienne Visser, Vice President Operations Penske Logistics Europe: “For our former employer, Simon was responsible for the entire logistics engineering. This included investments in new vehicles, process and cash flow optimisation, and so on. I always thought of our collaboration as very pleasant. That’s why I re-engaged Simon and asked him to put in his knowledge for my new company. We work together on a regular basis. Simon is a person who has his sleeves rolled up and who is really committed. He is result-oriented and works fast, and who at the same time is an open personality. He has no hidden agendas. Simon is energetic, he knows exactly what a company needs.”


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