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I4Supply only delivers tailor-made solutions. First we perform a Quick Scan of the company. In two to four weeks it becomes clear how your business operations might be improved. You decide of course whether you want I4Supply to implement it. The implementation can be followed up by an after-care process which completely takes care of any worries you may have.

I4Supply - Quick ScanI4Supply Quick Scan

A Quick Scan is a method that scans the processes in your company and is used to decide for instance what is needed to realise the highest possible service level at the most cost-efficient way, or to optimise your flow of goods and transport activities. This so-called Quick Scan provides you with an overview and understanding of your business processes and the solutions that might apply to your specific situation. Supply chain management and logistics consultancy comprises two areas to focus on:

1. New developments and initiatives;
2. Improvement of current supply chain/logistics business models (operations).

A Quick Scan is often used in option 2 in cases of problems of which the cause is still unknown. The client engages I4Supply’s expertise to find the cause. A Quick Scan is an excellent method to map such situations.

A Quick Scan consists of an analysis of all or any of the following elements:

Organization (structure, leadership, education, culture, people/process/task-driven, management style, communication, centralized/decentralized control)
Financial (cost control, reporting, budgets, setting up bookkeeping, tax optimisation, cash flow optimisation)
Operational (efficiency and effectiveness based on Lean Six Sigma tools and logistics engineering or simulation, sales & operations planning, demand forecasts) in supply chain, warehousing, transport and value added logistics
Change management (extent of acceptance of restructuring in case of takeovers/mergers/reorganizations, joint ventures, open/closed attitude)
Value chain management (extent of transparency in the value of a customer for the company)
Innovation (improvements environment, technical improvements, process improvements, IT architecture and systems)

Contact Quick Scan

We cooperate closely with you to design a tailor-made package and we will perform the scan. With the results of the scan you can take the necessary follow-up steps. Or, if you like, we can make a plan of action and execute it for you. Please call Simon Dijkstra for more information, or send an email to



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