Leadership programme

I4Supply - supply chain managementLeadership development involves gaining an insight in yourself and being able to view the current position of your organization in a wider perspective. You will learn which steps to take to become successful, to stay successful and how to adjust your organization successfully to the new situation together with your staff.

I4Supply offers a tailor-made programme in leadership development in the area as of supply and logistics. The position of your own supply and logistics should be in keeping with external developments outside the company that influence your supply and logistics of today and tomorrow. How can your own organization best anticipate and adapt to meet customers’ expectations and thus create and maintain an advantage over others in supply and logistics. I4Supply helps you to find a solution for this topic.

Simon: “Supervising staff, having them develop themselves and letting them grow along with a changing organization demands strong and authentic leadership. The better you know yourself as a manager or CEO, the better you can support your staff in change processes.” I4Supply develops tailor-made leadership programmes in which we coach you for instance on your management style, so that you can support your staff in growth, development and collaborating in a changing organization to achieve optimum results.

Others about I4Supply

“Simon started an optimisation process of Argos’ transport activities. This actually resulted in a full study of the supply and value chain, which was conducted throughout the entire company, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Our collaboration was most pleasant, both on the personal and the business level. Simon has the ability to make complex models understandable for everyone in the organization. He helps and supports his staff by sharing his knowledge. On top of that, Simon is a dependable and loyal person.” – John Bijl, Commercial Manager Benelux Argos

“For a while Simon helped me setting up a new department called Winder Logistiek. My experiences with Simon in this are most positive.” – Meindert Winder, Winder Limmen


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