I4Supply works for the entire field of supply chain management and logistics in Europe. We use the most modern methods to develop innovative business models and logistics solutions for bigger SMEs and large-scale enterprises in transport, chemical industry, petroleum and energy, commerce and retail. I4Supply assists and supports organizations with interim management, consultancy and leadership programmes to solve complex topics relating to supply chain management and logistics. Our services aim at maximum customer satisfaction both instantly and in the long-term.

I4Supply - Simon Dijkstra

Experience and expertise

Simon Dijkstra, owner and founder of I4Supply, has over 20 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management. Simon is an expert in creating a complete overview and giving you a sound understanding of the flow of goods and processes, and knows how to set up these successfully in an efficient and effective way. His approach is always people-driven. Simon has a large network of experts, which ensures that I4Supply provides the right expertise to suit your topics.


I4Supply delivers tailor-made services to its clients. We perform a Quick Scan to review the processes in your organization and to find out what is needed to achieve better results. We will have a look at the latest developments, initiatives and improvements of existing supply I4Supply - interim managementchain/logistics business models. On the basis of the results you can decide whether you take the next steps yourself or if you would like I4Supply to make and implement a plan of action for you. The choice is completely yours, since you, the client, and your employees are in the centre of I4Supply’s focus!

Eye for supply

We have a keen eye for supply chain management and logistics, and are happy to have a look with you at the topics of your organization. Would you like to know more about our services? Please call Simon Dijkstra for more information: + 31 6 53 68 08 06 or send an email to


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