As a consultant in supply chain management and logistics, I4Supply focuses on the following:

1. New initiatives:I4Supply consultancy supply chain management

– Defining supply chain management strategies
– Setting up a supply chain management organization
– Setting up a logistics executing concept
– Setting up an implementation plan, where are we now and where do we want to go to?

2. Improvement of current supply chain management and logistics business models:

– Performing scans which aim at mapping possibilities for savings, boosting performance levels and logistics activities.
– Feasibility studies into potential joint ventures, mergers and takeovers in relation to its effects on supply chain and logistics.

3. Leadership in optimisation and organization of supply and logistics:

The key factor in a supply and logistics environments is the balance between all elements which are part of the supply chain. The balance between the environment and the internal organization, the balance between incoming and outgoing physical streams, between supply and demand, the balance of the diversity of stakeholders that influence supply, of uncertainties in cash flow and the way these influence each other.


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