About Simon Dijkstra

I4Supply - Simon DijkstraI4Supply – Simon Dijkstra

Simon Dijkstra is a passionate personality and entrepreneurship runs in his blood. That is no surprise, as his parents used to run a transport company. Simon followed his father’s example. As a young boy, he was fascinated by entrepreneurship and logistics processes.

Change processes

Simon followed several university studies and courses in higher professional education and soon started to lead large change processes in the areas of logistics and supply change management.

Supply chain management

With over twenty years of experience and expertise in supply change management, Simon is able to create a complete overview of all flows of goods and processes quickly and skilfully, and he knows how to set up processes efficiently and effectively.


Simon: “The basic principle is a people-driven approach. Thanks to my background I know what drives people on the shopfloor. I make a plan, if desired I also ensure successful implementation of this plan, and I will guide the staff into the new work method. The challenge I like best is to realise a culture change in change processes focusing on transparency and an overview of the bigger picture. I have a large network of experts. This ensures that I4Supply’s clients always get the best expertise that suits the topic.”

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